Sergeant Crash – Live on appstore for iPad!

We are happy to announce that Sergeant Crash is available for iPad starting today, June 30th.
Owners of an iPhone will have to wait prospectively 1-2 weeks for the iPhone version. The release date for iPhone will be announced soon.


Sergeant Crash – The stunning space arcade action game!

Sergeant Crash allows you to take control of a futuristic space glider and accomplish entertaining and individual missions in varying and challenging environments.

If flying on Velvet Moon, the sunny desert Varsanis or even the high gravity planet Graviton – watch out not to collide with walls or traps and try to finish in time! Collect diamonds, explore new planets, earn awards and enter the shop to modify your individual glider!

– Cool main character Sgt. Crash, designed by Flying Förtress
– 84 individual levels in 3 Planets
– Game Center awards and highscore ladders
– In-game-shop to modify your personal glider
– regular updates including new planets with more levels, new glider equipment parts and gameplay features

Sergeant Crash – entertaining space action for young and old with long time playing fun guaranteed!

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