Vessels! Low Poly Space Ships Pack

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The pack contains 60 great low poly space ship models for your space shooter, arcade game or interstellar battle simulator. The models are very different from each other, named by categories and perfect for mobile game integration.

Requires Unity 4.3.4 or higher.


Small fighters (70%): from 100 to 500
Big ships (30%): from 500 to 1000

The models have been turned into prefabs – ready to use in your Unity game! All of the ships have colliders, particle effects for their nozzles or engines and some are even animated (i.e. rotation effects). The textures are available as .psd-files.

– Including Planets! Interstellar Skybox Pack Vol.I
– 60 space ships of all kinds
– Different engine and nozzle particle effects
– Modify-able rotation and tumble scripts attached
– Photoshop-files of textures and normal maps
– Prefabs with mesh colliders ready to use in your project