70:30 available for Indie Game Music Composition

With over 10 years of experience, Dominik from 70:30 composes, masters and releases music in different genres, especially in the indie game scope. Please visit 70:30 Music on Soundcloud for game music examples. 70:30 Music has it’s own remarkable and unique style – clear and structured melody lines players will remember!


We currently have free capacities for game music composition on a price-per-minute-basis of 60$!



70:30 on Soundcloud

Please contact us via mail or the contact form for requests and more information.


70:30 on the Unity Asset Store


70:30 are also very active on the Unity Asset Store. The Skysane! Skybox Megapack is the top paid package in the Textures & Materials/Skies section.

Skysane has 270 sky images forming 45 beautiful and good quality skyboxes which are available in 1024x1024px but currently updated to even higher quality (2048x2048px and as HD package with 4096x4096px).

Please check our Services section for more detailed information about special and individual skyboxes, pricing and other assets.


Starting shot for 70:30

70:30 is a two-man company found 2013. 70:30 has started to specialize on game app developement for iPhone, iPad and prospectively Android products, but also offers other apps for common use like Trigo. We are currently in grid position to prepare the release of Sergeant Crash, a versatile 2d action arcade-style game for young and old. Furthermore 70:30 is setting up the homepage, facebook and twitter. The adresses will be announced soon. Keep yourself up to date with our posts and informations that show the consecutive development.