Phalanx of Resistance – Preview






Dominik from 70:30 is currently working on a new tower defense / RTS game for Steam called Phalanx of Resistance.

It will be available on Steam and there will be a light version for mobile devices too. Build your own base, set up your defense towers, level up weapons and protect the base with your life! Research upgrades and weapons of mass destruction to defeat the enemies in 5 exciting campaigns with different planets. A multiplayer co-operative mode is planned too.

Check out these preview screenshots!

Saturnine – A Horror Survival Adventure – Now Available!

“And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat.”
Leviticus, 26:30

In Saturnine you will explore abandoned villages and the woods of Nearna. Find clues about the absence of all human life and collect diary entries to learn about the story.
But beware: Nightfall comes closer and something mystifying and evil is awaiting you in the shadows of the darkness!
Will you survive the night?

Saturnine is a 3D game with 1st person perspective, but is played like a point and click adventure. A single click on the terrain will let you walk in this direction. Hold the mouse button clicked to look around. Click on objects to collect them.
To get the best scary and shocking effect, play Saturnine alone at night in a dark room.

Sergeant Cräsh on the App Store

The new and improved version of Sergeant Cräsh is now available for iPhone and iPad! Go and get it now on your Device:



Thanks to our new publisher Sprakelsoft!

70:30 available for Indie Game Music Composition

With over 10 years of experience, Dominik from 70:30 composes, masters and releases music in different genres, especially in the indie game scope. Please visit 70:30 Music on Soundcloud for game music examples. 70:30 Music has it’s own remarkable and unique style – clear and structured melody lines players will remember!


We currently have free capacities for game music composition on a price-per-minute-basis of 60$!



70:30 on Soundcloud

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