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70:30 also offers individual services in the mobile app and gaming scope as well as in asset creation.
We assure reliable implementation with an affordable pricing scale. If you are interested in one of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact Form.

Individual Skybox Creation

You need the one individual skybox fitting exactly to your Unity or Unreal Engine 4 game or scene? 70:30 is specialist in creating 100% seamless, well-lighted, beautiful and high quality skyboxes the way you want it – only for your game and no one else.

Prices depend on the configuration and resolution of the skybox images. Higher details (i.e. trees etc.) need more time to configure and higher resolutions and quality settings need more time to render. Please check out our pricing matrix to get a picture.


Individual Graphics – 2D vector graphics, app icon creation, button creation, etc.: 25$ per hour of work

Game Music Composition70:30 on Soundcloud
Composition of individual game music (casual, rock, electro, ambience, classic): 45$ per minute of music

C# Unity Scripting – creation of small or large game tools and scripts to spare work in developing a Unity game.
Unity scripting service for individual assets, systems and scripts: 50$ per hour of work
Examples: Shift! Tilt! Incoming! Spawn! Tunes!

3D Low Poly Modeling – creation of space ships, vehicles, terrain assets & more! Low poly optimized for mobile applications: 35$ per hour of work

For any questions, requests or orders please contact us via the Contact Form or via mail: