Phalanx of Resistance – Preview






Dominik from 70:30 is currently working on a new tower defense / RTS game for Steam called Phalanx of Resistance.

It will be available on Steam and there will be a light version for mobile devices too. Build your own base, set up your defense towers, level up weapons and protect the base with your life! Research upgrades and weapons of mass destruction to defeat the enemies in 5 exciting campaigns with different planets. A multiplayer co-operative mode is planned too.

Check out these preview screenshots!

Saturnine – A Horror Survival Adventure – Now Available!

“And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat.”
Leviticus, 26:30

In Saturnine you will explore abandoned villages and the woods of Nearna. Find clues about the absence of all human life and collect diary entries to learn about the story.
But beware: Nightfall comes closer and something mystifying and evil is awaiting you in the shadows of the darkness!
Will you survive the night?

Saturnine is a 3D game with 1st person perspective, but is played like a point and click adventure. A single click on the terrain will let you walk in this direction. Hold the mouse button clicked to look around. Click on objects to collect them.
To get the best scary and shocking effect, play Saturnine alone at night in a dark room.

Sergeant Cräsh on the App Store

The new and improved version of Sergeant Cräsh is now available for iPhone and iPad! Go and get it now on your Device:



Thanks to our new publisher Sprakelsoft!

Defender 23 Release!

Defend, conquer, rise and illuminate!

70:30’s new arcade action app “Defender 23” has been released. It is available on Google Play / iTunes and will also be available on Amazon Appstore soon.

Download it for free:

Get it on Google Play


Amazon Appstore: Coming Soon

Defender 23 is a classic arcade action game. The player controls a space ship and has to shoot enemies incoming from all sides. The player can level up, spend skillpoints in weapons and shields and will reach new worlds after defeating bosses. Updates will bring new worlds and enemies. The game is played by tilting the phone/tablet and tapping on the display to shoot a railgun in the direction of the target. The controls are what makes the game different from most arcade games.


Control the Defender – a warmachine designed to defend the cosmos – to exterminate dangers that threaten the lost worlds. Armed with advanced superior energy weapons, the defender 23 blazes it’s trail towards illumination!


– Select your defender ship and destroy your enemies
– Nonstop arcade touch targeting action
– Level up and power up your system with skill points
– Defeat bosses, complete worlds and climb up the highscore ladder

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70:30 launches new series of HDRi Skybox packages

70:30 currently create a new series of HDRi skybox images for games or other 3D projects that support HDRi images. Some of them are already in the Unity Asset Store.











Since Unity 5 you are able to natively use HDR (32 bit floating point) images as cubemaps for skyboxes. Only the use of these HDR images allows you to take full advantage of the Physically Based Shaders, Real-Time Global Illumination and HDR Reflection Probes. Normal .jpg, .png, and .tif Skyboxes will not give you the same results. You need to use a HDR image like these.

The images in the Unity Asset Store are very high quality equirectangular .hdr files specifically calibrated for Unity and attached to cubemap skybox materials – ready to use in your Unity project!

A future update for each skybox will bring the skyboxes without a sun, just using the same lighting setting, in case you want to use your own sun or day-night-system.

Planned packages are:

HDRI Tropical Skies
HDRI Acres Skies
HDRI Desert Skies
HDRI City Skies
HDRI Coast Skies
HDRI Night Skies
HDRI Lava Skies
HDRI Snow Skies
HDRI Forest Skies
HDRI Space Skies
HDRI MountainSkies
HDRI Sunset Skies
HDRI Water Skies
HDRI Cloud Skies
HDRI Fog Skies

They will also be available as Skysane HDRi including all skies together.



Sergeant Crash now free

Sergeant Crash is now available for free on the appstore. Don’t wait any longer and get your free copy on your Apple device!

Got an iPad? Try Sergeant Crash HD

Quicken Chicken is now Running Rooster

News about the Chicken:

Quicken Chicken is now known as Running Rooster on Google Play. We are happy to announce that the asian mobile games publisher Letang offered us promotion for the entertaining 3D runner, publishing the game to China, Japan and Korea.

Shadow Spirit – Entertaining 2D Arcade game now in stores

Get it now for your device for free:

Get it on Google PlayGet it on Amazon Appstore

(coming soon for iPad and iPhone)

Shadow Spirit is a small but entertaining and original arcade game to fill boring 5 minute breaks.
It features an innovative gyroscope control scheme: Tilt your device in all four directions to move a small whisp around the screen. Be swift and use your reflexes to avoid shadows and collect rings for score and additional lives. Beat the scores of other players around the world using the highscore leaderboard or just share your bestscore via facebook and twitter.

Shadow Spirit features a track created by the Industrial/Electro project Virus Gate.
If you like electronic/industrial music and great background sound in general you are at the right place!