Quicken Chicken is now Running Rooster

News about the Chicken:

Quicken Chicken is now known as Running Rooster on Google Play. We are happy to announce that the asian mobile games publisher Letang offered us promotion for the entertaining 3D runner, publishing the game to China, Japan and Korea.

Shadow Spirit – Entertaining 2D Arcade game now in stores

Get it now for your device for free:

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(coming soon for iPad and iPhone)

Shadow Spirit is a small but entertaining and original arcade game to fill boring 5 minute breaks.
It features an innovative gyroscope control scheme: Tilt your device in all four directions to move a small whisp around the screen. Be swift and use your reflexes to avoid shadows and collect rings for score and additional lives. Beat the scores of other players around the world using the highscore leaderboard or just share your bestscore via facebook and twitter.

Shadow Spirit features a track created by the Industrial/Electro project Virus Gate.
If you like electronic/industrial music and great background sound in general you are at the right place!

Sergeant Crash – Now for iPhone!

Sergeant Crash for iPhone – now available on the Appstore

Since today the long awaited iPhone version of Sergeant Crash is finally on the Appstore.
Get your copy now and explore 84 individual and entertaining levels!
Got an iPad? Try Sergeant Crash HD

Stay tuned about price-drops and upcoming updates on our homepage, facebook and twitter.

70:30 on twitter
Sergeant Crash on twitter
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Sergeant Crash on facebook

Sergeant Crash – Live on appstore for iPad!

We are happy to announce that Sergeant Crash is available for iPad starting today, June 30th.
Owners of an iPhone will have to wait prospectively 1-2 weeks for the iPhone version. The release date for iPhone will be announced soon.


Sergeant Crash – The stunning space arcade action game!

Sergeant Crash allows you to take control of a futuristic space glider and accomplish entertaining and individual missions in varying and challenging environments.

If flying on Velvet Moon, the sunny desert Varsanis or even the high gravity planet Graviton – watch out not to collide with walls or traps and try to finish in time! Collect diamonds, explore new planets, earn awards and enter the shop to modify your individual glider!

– Cool main character Sgt. Crash, designed by Flying Förtress
– 84 individual levels in 3 Planets
– Game Center awards and highscore ladders
– In-game-shop to modify your personal glider
– regular updates including new planets with more levels, new glider equipment parts and gameplay features

Sergeant Crash – entertaining space action for young and old with long time playing fun guaranteed!

Sergeant Crash – 2D Arcade Game (Preview)

Sergeant Crash – A 2D space arcade game including action and skill gameplay, cool music and long time playing fun is nearly complete! It has been developed for iPhone/iPad and is about to be released in June ’14.

The game includes 3 completely different planets with 84 individual levels, an ingame-shop for modifying your personal glider and gamecenter implementation to earn achievements and highscores. 2 additional planets are already planned and will be added with future updates. Each planet has its own environment with entertaining features, traps and skill challenges.

Hunt fast though the game and complete it easy or take your time to earn all of three possible awards in each level – the choice is up to you! Sergeant Crash is space action for everyone with an innovative glider control mechanism as well as varying gameplay.

Brandnew iPad Retina or old iPhone 4?

No matter! Sergeant Crash is optimized for all Apple devices in particular and will run on your old iPhone as well as on an iPad Retina with high quality graphics.
Owners of an android device will have to wait, but not to worry: Sergeant Crash will be available for Android as soon as possible!

Quicken Chicken – Now on Samsung Apps

Quicken Chicken is also available on Samsung Apps!

Download it here for free:

Quicken Chicken - Samsumg Apps

Thanks to the support of Samsung, Quicken Chicken is currently in the most popular new apps section:

Quicken Chicken – In stores now for free!

The time has come!
Quicken Chicken has been released and is about to explore the world!
Be sure to download your copy of the game on Google Play or Appstore now for FREE!

Free for iPhone/iPad – Appstore:

Free for Android – Google Play:

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Will you be the fastest chicken worldwide?

Quicken Chicken is a funny and challenging 3D action runner/platformer game for your Android or iOS device. What’s special: Quicken Chicken gets faster and faster over time!
Gain speed constantly, jump over platforms, collect eggs and explore new worlds. Share your best scores on the highscore leaderboard and compete with other players around the world. Become the fastest quicken chicken!

– One chicken to rule them all!
– Double jumping enabled!
– 5 different worlds with increasing difficulty!
– Stay on platforms and collect eggs for additional score!
– Handle increasing chicken highspeed!
– Facebook and Google Play Games/Game Center supported for bragging!

A production of 70:30 Bavarian App Agency

For Review-Writers:
The game is available for free at the provided download-links (appstore and google play). Please contact us if you plan to write a review about this app. We are happy about every review and support.

Quicken Chicken release date: May 10th, 2014

Quicken Chicken release date has been set to May 10th, 2014. This means it will be available saturday on Appstore and Google Play!
The best thing: It’s totally free!
Mark the date in your calender and get your free copy on saturday for your iPhone, iPad or Android. Prepare to become the fastest Quicken Chicken!


Quicken Chicken – 3D Action Runner (Preview)

Would you care to get some action for in between?
Check out this preview for Quicken Chicken, a funny and challenging 3D action runner/platformer game for your Android/Apple device, to shorten the waiting time for Sergeant Crash. 70:30 are currently bugfixing and beta-testing this little opening project in our game development workings.



Quicken Chicken will offer entertaining speed and jumping skill challenges for young and old in several different worlds. Social components are included so you can compete with your friends. Get first impressions by watching our preview screenshots and be sure to get your 100% free copy on the day of the release (to be announced)!

Quicken Chicken – A production of 70:30 Bavarian App Agency

Starting shot for 70:30

70:30 is a two-man company found 2013. 70:30 has started to specialize on game app developement for iPhone, iPad and prospectively Android products, but also offers other apps for common use like Trigo. We are currently in grid position to prepare the release of Sergeant Crash, a versatile 2d action arcade-style game for young and old. Furthermore 70:30 is setting up the homepage, facebook and twitter. The adresses will be announced soon. Keep yourself up to date with our posts and informations that show the consecutive development.